A Pleasant Shade Of Gray - Guitar Tablature Book
Pleasant Shade Of Gray Guitar Tablature Book The complete guitar tablature for A Pleasant Shade of Gray. Transcribed by Walter Cianciusi (Headless), edited by Jim Matheos.
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This page will be used to collect Tablature for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. If you have any submissions please contact the webmaster.

There is also tablature for Fates Warning, Arch / Matheos, Jim Matheos, etc. available at Ultimate-Guitar.com

Note: Most of the files are in plain text format (with a .txt extension). Files with a .zip extension contain files in other formats like Microsoft Word (.doc) or  Power Tab (.ptb).

Right-click the links below and save the files to your computer.

Night On Bröcken
Damnation Guitar

The Spectre Within

Kyrie Eleison Guitar

Awaken The Guardian

Fata Morgana Guitar

No Exit

Anarchy Divine Guitar

The Ivory Gate Of Dreams

I. Innocence Guitar

IV. Quietus Guitar

Perfect Symmetry

At Fate's Hands Guitar & Bass


Leave The Past Beind Guitar

Life In Still Water Guitar Guitar (2)

The Eleventh Hour Guitar

We Only Say Goodbye Guitar

Inside Out

Pale Fire Guitar

Down To The Wire Guitar

Afterglow Guitar


One Guitar

So Guitar

Pieces Of Me Guitar


Wish Guitar

Darkness In A Different Light

Falling Guitar

Jim Matheos' First Impressions
Remembering Rain Guitar

Winter's Thaw Guitar

Gay Head Guitar

Metaphysical Soup Guitar

Laurel Dawn Guitar

The Air Of Autumn Guitar

Three Wishes Guitar

Pause For Paws Guitar

Silent Snow, Secret Snow Guitar


Falling Star Guitar

Teach Me Guitar

Arch / Matheos

Midnight Serenade Guitar

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