Band Members
Ray Alder - Voices
Jim Matheos - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Joey Vera - Bass and Backing Vocals
Mark Zonder - Drums, Percussion and Other Sound Effects

Jason Keaser - Keyboards
Bernie Versailles - Electric Guitars (on Disc Two)

Still Life
Track Listing
Disc One: A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (51:51)
01. Part I 2:09
02. Part II 3:35
03. Part III 6:56
04. Part IV 4:33
05. Part V 5:27
06. Part VI 7:04
07. Part VII 5:37
08. Part VIII 2:43
09. Part IX 4:42
10. Part X 1:11
11. Part XI 3:23
12. Part XII 7:31
Disc Two: (55:33)
01. The Ivory Gate Of Dreams 20:54
02. The Eleventh Hour 8:14
03. Point Of View 4:33
04. Monument 6:46
05. At Fates Hands 6:47
06. Prelude To Ruin 3:38
07. We Only Say Goodbye 4:41

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Liner Notes
Still Life was recorded live in Europe, April 16-26, 1998

Recording Engineer: Bill "gettin HOT!!" Metoyer
Mix: Terry Brown
Mastering: Eddie Schreyer at Oasis

Cover Photography: Alex Solca
Additional Photography: Alex Solca
Sharon Alder
Design: Brian J Ames
Fates Warning

Booking: Mike Oberman at TCI
Promoters: Rob Trommelen / Double You Concerts - Netherlands, Belgium
Dirk Schiemann / DSP - Germany, Switzerland
Andrea Pieroni / R&D snc - Italy

Tour Support: Marc Laukel and Thomas Turling at Music Meyer
Wilhelm Wecker at SSM Germany
Jeff Cary at ART
Leo Koster at Europe Audio Rent
Fast Forward
The guitar tech formerly known as Takumi

Live Sound / Tour Manager: Todd "T-rod" Goldstein
Guitar Tech: Gene "Geno" Bishop
Lights / Drum Tech: John Deakin

Merchandise: HH&L

We would like to give a warm thank you to the loyal fans who made this recording possible,
we hop you enjoy it!

Released on 10/06/1998
Metal Blade Records
Miscellaneous Album Notes
The Japanese release of this album also includes a studio cover version of The Scorpion's song "In Trance"

The sheet music that Ray Alder used to cover the head in the liner photos, comes from the Cherry Lane "Best of" Fates Warning TAB book. One song that you can see lyrics for (to the right of the head's nose) is Outside Looking In.
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Still Life - Fates Warning

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