Band Members
Ray Alder - Vocals
Jim Matheos - Guitars
Frank Aresti - Guitars
Joe DiBiase - Bass
Steve Zimmerman - Percussion
No Exit
Track Listing
01. No Exit 0:41
02. Anarchy Divine 3:46
03. Silent Cries 3:17
04. In A Word 4:25
05. Shades Of Heavenly Death 5:56
06. The Ivory Gate Of Dreams
I. Innocence (1:13)
II. Cold Daze (2:15)
III. Daylight Dreamers (3:06)
IV. Quietus (4:25)
V. Ivory Tower (3:17)
VI. Whispers On The Wind (2:24)
VII. Acquiescence (4:24)
VIII. Retrospect (1:01)

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Liner Notes

All Songs Arranged by Fates Warning

Produced by Roger Probert for Major Productions
Executive Producer Max Norman for On Yer Bike, Ltd.
Management and Direction by Andy Gould for World Wide Entertainment Complex

Mix by Max Norman, Phil Magnotti and Roger Probert
Engineer Phil Magnotti
Recorded at Carriage House, CT, Oct - Dec 1987
Keyboards - Mark Castiglione

Front Cover Photos - Mick Rock
Front Cover Concept - Fates Warning
Innersleeve Photos - Pat Prince (is pleased)
Graphics - Lew Bryant, the Bland Design Group

Logo Design: Third Image

Special Thanks To The Following:

Andy, Cindy and all at WWEC, Roger "Wraight" Probert, Phil "10:30" Magnotti, Max Norman, John and all at Carriage House Studios, Brian Slagel, Bill Metoyer, Mike Faley, Jon Sutherland, William Howell, Peggy Donelly, and all at Metal Blade, Wes, Sandra and all at Enigma, Sharon and all at Restless, everyone at Capitol, everyone at Concrete, Mick Rock, Bill Berrol, Carl "Furry Man" Gorenberg, Puny Pepe..., Merritt B. Moraski III, Santo "Grandpa" Giuliano of Santo's Guitar Emporium, pudgy pups... Janie Gomez, Ron Jarzombek, Ina Zimmerman, Pat Prince (is pissed), Thomas Becker, Andy Patrizzio, Umlata and Rudo, pewey party..., Mike Pirro, Roberta Powers, Sal Treppidi, Lisa Lancia, Harry Blackwell, Chris "Blance: Obrizzo, Dave Whelply, Scott Copstone, Ken Gogel, Kathy Kielar, Carol Radell, Lance Gifford, pepe puked..., Queensryche, Saxon, Omen, Halows Eve, Rice Court, Watchtower, Syrus, Liege Lord, Sacred Oath, Dirty Looks, Hittman, and all their crews, pepe pooped..., Mark Anthony, Chris Cronk, Steve Blackmoor, Alvy Morre (AKA Hank Kimball... well not really AKA), The Gavel, Black Cat Lounge, House of Guitars, Fat Frogs RIP, Henry Jack, Victor Arduini and John Arch.
Extra special thanks to Margaret 'Vera' McVerry, Keith B., Laurie Alder, Lisa Moran, and all our friends and families.

Equipment Support: Gallien-Krueger (Jim Ross), Dunlop USA (Gabe Ireland), Jackson Guitars, Gibson USA, Vic Firth (Tracey Firth), Dean Markley (Kim Shearer)

Also special thanks to all the magazines, fanzines, and radio stations too numerous to mention. Keep it heavy.

Puny Peppes Putrid Pet Peeves: Crabapple, beefs, chips, (chiefs), Dirty minge, 11:11.
Poodles Prohibited!

Roadies on tour(s) 1987 (we gotta live too!)
Road Managers Carl 'Zadie' Gorenberg - Santo 'Hey Babes' Giuliano
Live Sound Dave 'Mr. Harmonizer' Obrizzo
Drum Tech Mark 'Cousin Merle' Feivou
Guitar Tech (stage right) Kevin 'Char-lee' Zimmerman
Guitar Tech (stage left) John 'Gomez' Adams

Correspondence: SASE or IRC to:
Fates Warning
P.O. Box 31190
Hartford, CT. 06103
[Note: The Fan Club no longer exists, do not send anything to this address.]

Enigma / Metal Blade Records
Miscellaneous Album Notes
Metal Blade reissued No Exit on 9/04/2007
The album was remastered and included bonus tracks
1. Ivory Gate Of Dreams Outtake One
2. Ivory Gate Of Dreams Outtake Two
As well as a DVD containing:
Live/Behind the scenes footage from "No Exit" Tour
Silent Cries Video
Anarchy Divine Video
Top of Page No Exit
Music - J. Matheos
Lyrics - J. Matheos
Under brooding skies and watchful eyes
On convulsive seas of false urgency
We walk empty corridors in vain

Top of Page Anarchy Divine
Music - F. Aresti, J. Matheos
Lyrics - F. Aresti

(J.M. / F.A.)

Enter young man
Cast your dreams, I'll show you what you feel
Walk but keep the road I've paved
Know of nothing else
I, the one to guide your mind
I breed in stealth


I am master, soon you'll see
Shape your world what you'll be
Follow me
Or choose to bleed
Read my book memorize
Disregard your mind
You may see only through my eyes

Save me someone's come to change me
Misled, delusions color real
Black and white, they'll never paint me
Never see until you feel


I will keep my own time
What's yours is really mine
I won't let you swallow me your doctrines
will not shine
Rebellion is your pestilence
I'll never be confined
Forever you shall yield to me

Save me someone's come to change me
Misled, delusions color real
Black and white, they'll never paint me
Never see until you feel

Top of Page Silent Cries
Music - J. Matheos, F. Aresti, J. DiBiase, S. Zimmerman
Lyrics - J. Matheos
Born to an air of apathy
indifference shapes a fragile mind.
Questions formed at an early age
beg answers unasked.
Silent cries
behind curious eyes resides
a child who cannot speak.
Silent cries

Years find a mind alone whose
questions flow too deep for words.
Covered in a shroud of silence
watching the world go by.
Silent cries
behind outcast eyes, hides
a child who cannot speak.
Silent cries

(J.M. / F.A.)

Time blindly races on
towards the autumn years
Seasons unheeded pass
while we all drown in tears.

Questions unanswered remain
alone they mourn a fragile mind
Silent cries
behind lifeless eyes lies
a child who cannot speak.
Silent cries
Silent cries

Top of Page In A Word
Music - F. Aresti
Lyrics - F. Aresti
We were born to brave good weather
Stormy seas in search for treasure
Light you wield must blind another
Doomed to run forevermore

How much more, can I take
And how much more, 'till I break


Rain will poor again today
Neverending daze cascades
Torn inside is there a way
To be freed before I fade

How much longer, can I hold
I live no longer, in this cold


Close your eyes what do you see
Dreams in rhyme with reality
Or life to die in black scenery
Empty shells and what could be


How much more, can I take
And how much more, 'till I break
How much longer, can I hold
I live no longer, in this cold
In this cold
I live no longer, in this, this cold

Top of Page Shades Of Heavenly Death
Music - F. Aresti, J. DiBiase, J. Matheos, S. Zimmerman
Lyrics - F. Aresti
By black we ride, or so they say
Our need for reason, their greed is paid
Powers rumble for spiritual sway
Paths are laid then leaders stray

It's right then left, which way to turn
Follow me or forever burn
We evil blessed, bring your soul to sell
All wish away into empty wells

Fortunes found in holy halls
Redeem your every fault
When dogmas given are blindly held
And treasures given caught
Any wish can only last
Until the spell's descried
While subtle, wicked ways
They fracture weakened minds

(F.A. / J.M.)

Slaves of a different kind march to broken bells
Freedom in a bind and make it all sound well
Blackened blue etched in glass forming outer walls
Tell clearly of the emptiness and mute distressful calls

Lines lead to dead ends where
Plays seen are never clear
And those who ride never fare

Crowned voids forever rule
In worlds lived and learned of fools
Conformity's the teachers' tool

Top of Page The Ivory Gate Of Dreams
Music - J. Matheos
Lyrics - J. Matheos
I. Innocence

II. Cold Daze
The coldness of confusion
It hangs in the morning air as
Brazen bells ring reality
To announce the conquerer dawn.


Removed from nights fleeting trance
Plunged headlong into cold days
Where in a circle we wander
The barren wastes of our pasts.

III. Daylight Dreamers
Daylight dreamers awaken on
Deserts of desperation
Lonely lives learn to live on
islands of isolation.
Surrounded by violent oceans
of hate and hopeless sorrows
Daylight dreamers envision
tranquil seas in safe tomorrows.

Dreaming through the darkened day
Along tempest torn strands
Desperately grasping the grains
of hope that flit through our hands
As they fall we tighten our hold
While the waves claim the final few
taken without ceremony
They drift out of view.

Washed away with the tides of time
Slipped through our fingers as dreams do.

IV. Quietus
From sleeping visions
Daily we're torn
In waking hours
Hopes are forlorn.
Is all we do and all we dream
doomed to drown in a hopeless stream?

Wishing life were made of lasting visions
in eternal sleep
And if that rest were filled with sorrow
still we'd sleep.

In the madness of a silent eternity
We'd find solace in
False visions that protect us
from reality.

Enter ivory gates through midnite skies
Daylight dreamers in private parades
Perform before perpetual dawn
As dusk engulfs the gate of horn.

Ivory towers appear beyond the gate
Invisible fortresses of escape
Traversed by ramparts made of hopes and fears
Impervious to reality.

V. Ivory Tower
Behind sullen doors
Untouched within
Safe from summer storms
and winter winds
Relentless tempests
Can weaken walls
Towers falter when
reality calls.

(J.M. / F.A)

Untouchable by all without
Lost in the silken web youth may weave
Tangled threads seem a stronghold
But illusions can deceive.
A cold daze plagues the air
Driven by aging winds.
The walls give way to the rush
and let reality in.


VI. Whispers on the wind
Misty morning on a windswept plain
Embers of a fortress all that remain.


The seeds of life that burned within
have flown like whispers on the wind.
From the sleepers world
I look towards darkening skies
Through the violet haze of summer storms
The sun leaves tired eyes.

Betrayed by innocence
Deceived by delusions
Plagiarized promises
Pale into empty hopes.

Ivory towers bow down
In reverence to daylight
As dreamers awaken
In sleepers somber shade.

(J.M / F.A.)

Ocean waves shift leaving
only memories.
Final traces of hope
are swallowed in the deep.

Despair sends a certain calm
A vague sense of relief
Released from all our longings
Silently we'll sleep.

Hope leads to quiet desperation
When reality obscures the dream
Makes the mind a grave of memories
That wander like the lonely breeze
Whose whispers echo through ruins rust
of towers torn and dreams turned to dust.

VIII. Retrospect

Top of Page
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No Exit - Fates Warning

No Exit (25th Anniversary Edition) - Fates Warning

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